Field Trips

Field trips can be a great enrichment to your family's education!
They can also be a nice break in the day to day routine,
bringing a breath of fresh air, just when everyone needs it!
Field trips are fun and as easy to plan as 1-2-3!

Think about areas of interest for your family, and look around for possible sites to visit.
Keep it simple. A field trip doesn't have to be elaborate.

Print off your planning documents 1-2-3!

Contact the field trip coordinator for ideas and to check for possible dates.
You may also check the CCHE calendar to see what is already happening around that time.

When you have a place in mind, check on-line or phone for information on their field trip policy
(They may not have one, so be a gracious ambassador for home educators
as you explore whether they would be open to the idea!)

On the Field Trip Planning Guide, you will see suggested questions
to ask as you are setting up your field trip.

Once you have a venue, date and time confirmed,
email or call the Field Trip Coordinator and give her the details.
She will add them to the group's calendar and forward the information
to the Chairperson for inclusion in the agenda and emails.

Bring your sign up sheet to the next meeting.
(Don't forget to pick it up after the meeting!)

Collect any money up front, as it simplifies matters.

Remember, it is okay to say, "No" to requests for exceptions, extensions and extras!

After the field trip /event, return your 3 planning documents to the Field Trip Coordinator.

Call For more information, please contact the CCHE Field Trip Coordinator.

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