Who Are We?

Cambridge Christian Home Educators is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian support group
for home educating families in the Cambridge area. While we are a distinctly Christian group, all are welcome.

We are dedicated to providing support and resources to parents who have chosen to educate their children at home.
Our monthly meetings offer ideas, information, and encouragement as well as an excellent library of resources.

As a practice, we open all our meetings in prayer, and we endeavour to provide speakers and topics
which are consistent with a Christian perspective. Although all board members will be required
to subscribe to our statement of faith, group members are only asked to acknowledge and respect that,
as a Christian organization, the statement of faith is the foundation upon which
the Cambridge Christian Home Educators support group conducts its business and activities.
Click here to read our statement of faith

It should be noted that we are a very diverse group of home educating families. The purpose of meeting
and cooperating together is to encourage and support one another in a Christ-like manner.
Clearly, the opinions expressed by any one speaker must not be assumed to represent the group as a whole.
Very likely there are as many approaches to home education as there are home educators!
May God bless our efforts and may we share the creativity and insights He has given to each of us.

Activities for our children throughout the month are extensive, and provide
ample opportunity for social outlets and team effort.

As a Christian support group, we strive to instill godly character in our children,
which we expect to be displayed in their conduct at all events. This creates an environment
in which their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth can be nurtured.

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